My stock portfolio with updating

Posted by / 02-Aug-2017 17:59

My stock portfolio with updating

During the first couple months of challenge, it was easy to stick by my resolution because I was among the top contenders.Last month and this month, though, I find I’m slipping in the rankings.Why, it’s almost as though I’m not an investing genius after all!

I start to feel like this is a broken record with the same tune, there is always some reason why this quarter is not being as profitable as it should be.I can’t fully trust this company since they don’t seem to deliver like they did 3-4 years ago, so out it goes.One should mention that pulp prices are extremely favorable at the moment and SEK still very weak vs USD and EUR.Keeping that in mind is tough, though, when I spend too much time comparing myself to others.Plus, it’s not helping that the S&P 500 is creeping up on me: There was a time when my investment portfolio was handily beating the S&P 500. Instead, the S&P is catching up — and may even surpass me.

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As mentioned in previous portfolio update, I liquidated most of my shares for some property investments which in the end I changed my mind.

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