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Things had been a lot easier around here before they had laid off the real IT techs and Dave had been christened the company's "computer guy", just because he knew how to boot his system up. She was pretty computer savvy, and on the few times she did have to call him, it was usually something major that wasn't her fault. "It's broken," he quipped back, parroting the most often given answer when he posed that question. He new she was literate, but didn't know she knew anything technical about computers. Dave always got along with Mae, and They often went out for drinks with other co-workers after work hours 5'6" tall, fairly petite, with shoulder length black hair and green eyes, Mae wasn't too bad to look at either, if a bit skinny for his tastes.

Usually it was a missing photo of their cat, a favorite non-work related web site that wouldn't come up or a password they had forgotten for the umpteenth time. I figured you'd be the kinda girl who thinks a boot sector is the section of the local shoe store." Mae slapped him on the arm and laughed.Where our longstanding, regular chatters like to hang out.Chat Forum Three runs on our legacy software - it is open to all (no registration required) but it will not work on a mobile device (unless you're a VIP member) or on the newest versions of the Google Chrome browser.With an exasperated sigh he began banging his head on the desk where the tower of cans had recently stood. "Oh shit, Mae," he said, "you scared the heck out of me!I thought I was alone." "Sorry, I had some work to do." She looked down and then flashed a meek smile.


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