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Pivot table not updating

I never saw this error before, and I have a 20 years experience in working with Excel.Apparently, the pivot table cannot be Refreshed, because the Data Source reference is not relative anymore, it contains the file name too: Before moving pivot tables and charts: What if you have a large number of pivot tables and charts?For instance, if Sheet1 contains the original pivot table, then: Personally, I got around this in a slightly different way - I had a pivot table querying an SQL server source and I was using the timeline slicer to restrict the results to a date range - I then wanted to summarise the pivot results in another table. I selected the 'source' pivot table and created a named range called 'Source Pivot Data'. To resolve this, here are some suggestions for fixing the Pivot Table grouping problems.After you add the two fields to the pivot table's data area, drag the Data field button to the right, onto the cell that contains the word 'Total'.There's a picture here that shows the 'Total' cell: Change pivot table data to horizontal layout There are instructions here for adding the Generate Get Pivot Data button to a toolbar, and toggling the feature on and off You can't change the default settings for the data fields.

The copy-paste approach isn't very useful when the original pivot table gets refreshed.

You could display the text fields in the Row and Column areas, and show a count of the records in the data area.

In Excel 2010, and later versions, you can change a field setting to repeat pivot items in all fields, or selected pivot fields. In Excel 2007, and earlier versions, the row headings show once in a Pivot Table, and there's no setting you can change, to force them to repeat.

In the screen shot below, the Product field is in the row area, and the Category field is to its left, as an Outer field.

The Product quantity in cell C5 is selected, and when the A-Z button is clicked, the Qty values are sorted in ascending order -- within each Category.

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To create a table with a heading on each row, you could copy the pivot table, paste it as values in another location, and fill in the blanks.

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